What it Means to be Intimate♥

“In the perspective of Kira Rain”

• Intimacy

– close familiarity or friendship
           * synonyms
– closeness, togetherness, Rapport, companionship, Mutual affection, warm feelings and understanding.

        Being a companion to another human, especially when you’ve just met, can open up so many levels of intimacy. I’ve spent time with people who are single, married, newly divorced, widowed, couples, disabled, introverts and people of all shapes, sizes and colors ect.
The two major things we all have in common is:
When people hear the word “intimacy” they immediately think “sex”.
Well I’m here to correct that!  SEX is not the most important aspect of intimacy, at all.
Many people I spend time with open up and talk about their lives, family, jobs, pets and experiences.
All of that brings us closer together. Since we all have struggles in life, it’s easy to have a sense of understanding and relate. Acknowledging where the other person’s emotions and thoughts on the subject come from, is how you create intimacy.
Rapport is how you make it stronger!
Everyday we lead such busy lives that we forget the little things we’re missing.
Someone to listen, someone to only give advice of asked for it, not to stress about domestic duties and someone who gets ready for you every time!
These are just a few little things that make me a great companion!
•Judgment Free
Whether you’re with me for a one-time or an ongoing Rendezvous, my desire is to fulfill yours.
Please click here to contact me. I’m looking forward to creating the most beautiful memories together

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