Join me in Celebrating my 30th birthday by Exploring the world and our Bodies together.

I’m offer Two very exclusive Date options!


Yes!! You read that right!!! This is the ultimate deal! This Special is perfect for The Girlfriend Experince, The Wife Experince or Vacation time together!


I’m bringing sexy back!! That’s right, 30 min Quick Visits are back for a limited time. Avaiable for $300 ( local to OMAHA only)


30 day 30k offer has to be booked by April 30th 2020 but can be used up until April 1st 2021

30 min QV can be booked up until April 30th



Basic WH: $450

1.5 Hour: $600

2 Hours: $800

3 Hours: $1K

4 Hours: $1.5K

5 Hours: $2 K

12 Hours: $3 K

24 Hours: $5 K

48 Hours: $9K


All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE


All “Fly Me To You” requests, Please acknowledge: This is a 24 + hour booking at minimum! (Even if you can only see me for half the time) If you frequently (3 + times in one calendar year) book an appointment for “Fly Me To You”, I’m open to splitting it into 2 days, 12 hours spent each day ect. 

If you are interested in more the 48 hours, feel free to include that in your initial contact with me.


Negotiation of Donations or Deposits is NOT Permitted.


Date Ideas

The dinner date: 

Tired of dining alone every night? Too busy to waste time looking for a partner to go on dates with? Just want the company of a lady?
This is the perfect option for you! I’m a wonderful date companion. All the fun ideas you can imagine playing out on a first, second date Etc. I’m ready! Even if you’re just looking to do an easy mundane dinner and movie date. But don’t worry I can always invite you up for a nightcap!

Simple rendezvous:

Simply looking to meet up for an appointment? Easing your desire of the flesh? That most definitely can be arranged!

Luxury so sweet:

Want to partake in fun, all inclusive resorts? So would I! We can still go out and socialize, play, but easily sneak back to our accommodation for some private time!
There are many types of resorts to choose from, which kind Sparks your interest?
Beach, Golf, Island, luxury, Lake, Mountain, Ski & Spa

The adventure:

I pride myself on being the ultimate road trip companion! Being on road trips really gives us time to get to know each other pretty intimate pretty quickly! Stopping along the way to check out cool places and monuments really brings life to the trip! Perhaps even some back road outdoor nookie!

Lovers Romance:

Are you so full of passion and romance but just can’t express it to other people around you? I love sweet romantic gestures!
♥ I want to be swept off my feet, twirled in circles during a sunset on the beach…
♥ A picnic under a willow tree where we read poetry in the evening then star gaze at night!
Or whatever you have in mind
I can’t wait to enjoy an evening of romance and adoration!

Platonic Pals:

Sick of showing up to events parties family or public functions without a date? Need a filler lady? I make an exceptional date! I’m a great social butterfly, especially if you’re more shy or reserved. I can hold the conversation for the two of us, when we get together, before the event we can plot out how we met! Let’s make it a fun date!

Fetish & fantasy: 

I am fetish friendly and have the Allure!!
I’m open to learning about your fetish and what I can do to please and play with you. I have experience with degradation and humiliation, foot fetish, spanking and whipping and piss play. I naturally lean towards dominant.
Expect to pay your new potential mistress a generous tip for having to research new or unknown fetishes. I can’t wait to play out all your freaky fantasies.

Cruising around:

There are many places around the world I would love to ride alongside such a fun gentleman! Let’s cruise to a destination far far away and play! Let’s find a way to become Pirates together and I’ll make you a treasure map to this booty!!

Erotic massage:

Looking for a sensual skin-to-skin contact? Enjoying a relaxing nude massage is the perfect stress release on your lunch break or anytime of the day! Let me rub you down with your choice of oils or lotions.  better yet, we can turn this around and let you do all the rubbing on me!
*No other services are offered during this appointment.

Chit Chat( via Skype audio no video or by phone):

Time is money and if you’d like to get to know me better or just want to catch up $15 for 30 minutes( platonic conversations only)
If you’re looking for a bit of naughty chatting , 30 minutes for $25
● please keep in mind that I’ll still need you to make an appointment. I may not always be available, a non-refundable $10 deposit is required to book. this will be applied to your total, if you can’t make your appointment you may reschedule it up to three times with that same deposit. Minimal screening will still be required.


Fly Me To You: #FMTY
Any day course we take that leads to me having to hop on a plane is an automatic 24-hour appointment requirement!
Drive to you:
Any location I drive to that’s more than 30 minutes away is required to book a 2-hour appointment at minimum.
Any location I drive to that is over 1 hour away will incur a $25 per hour charge for the drive to you only. It must be paid upfront with your deposit
● Google Maps will be used to determine the drive time.
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