Frequently asked Questions


Q: Do you require a deposit?

 A: I require a deposit for any appointment over 2 hours Or is out of town from location inviting service too.


Q: How do I send my deposit?

 A: Google Pay is my preferred option:


I also have cash app:

My cash tag: $TheeKiraRain


Q: Do you take last minute appointments?

 A: If you are a new potential client, then no I do not.

If I’ve seen you previously and we have mutual respect and my schedule permits, then yes I’m open to last minute appointments.


Q: Do you openly accept reviews?

 A: Absolutely! You’re Welcome to add a review to my site (coming soon)

 Private Delights   or   Adult Look


Q: Do you have a height or weight preference?

 A: Not at all. I stand at 5’ 10” and there are many people shorter than I. I Adore people of all shapes and sizes!


Q: Do you take requests?

 A: Yes! I love outfit requests, it really lets me know your style! I also enjoy content requests!

  If you know what you like then request it!                                                                                If something is beyond my limits, I will let you know.

( Please expect to purchase any special items if I don’t already own them.                               *This includes items for either one of us. )


Q: May I bring alcohol to our meeting?

 A: That’s totally fine with me. I do not drink alcohol but you are more then welcome to indulge with class.


Q: Do you travel outside the USA?

 A: If I have seen you before or have been communicating with you for a period of time then I am willing to consider!


Q: Are you Dominate or Submissive?

 A: I identify as a “switch”. However, I tend to lean towards dominate more due to requests and circumstances.


Q: Are you 420 friendly?

 A: Yes! Yes! Yes!


Q: Are you the same Kira Rain that worked in the Northern Nevada “Denis Hof” Brothels?

 A: Yes! My name is unique to me. I’m the same wonderful woman you fell in love with from the start!


Q: Why are your deposits NON-REFUNDABLE?

 A: I set aside my time to prepare for our appointment, as where my time is valuable. If I’m traveling to you, this ensures I’m compensated for gas or flight and hotel accommodations if you are unable to make our appointment.

          EX: When you choose the “Fly Me To You” option, the deposit goes towards my flight expense.


Q: I’ve screened with another provider. Can I just use them as a reference and have them verify my screening?

 A: No! Every provider determines their own requirements for screening to ensure their safety! Being polite and forthcoming with all required information will get you a lot further with a provider then being non-compliant and a pain in the tush!


Q: Why do you ask to see my ID?

A: during screening, I ask for a government issued ID. all information may be covered accept *Name *DOB *Picture

This safety measure ensures that you are of age (18+) I need to know what you look like so when we meet, it looks casual. Name needs to match what info you provide me for the actual screening. I want to ensure I’m looking into the correct person. 

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