“Sending gifts is an excellent way to keep my attention”


Showing appreciation for one of your favorite ladies never goes unnoticed!

It’s understandable that you may not have the funds immediately to book an appointment or perhaps may not have the time off from your very busy schedule. But no worries I accept many forms of gifts, here’s some of my favorites:

♥ sending cash gifts:

You can send me some spending money to do with as I please.

 Google Pay is preferred :

I also have Cash AppMy cash tag: $TheeKiraRain

However, if you have a particular item in mind for me to purchase, just send me a quick note via Twitter DM, email or text with your info, the amount and a link to the item.

♥ requesting a special set of photos:

Paying for a professional photo shoot and receiving custom photos means, the photos that you request are only for you! All other photos taken during the shoot, I can use as I see beneficial!

♥ purchasing off Amazon:

I have a very wide range of options on all my lists.
Clothing & Shoes     ○Beauty     ○Craft
If there’s something not on my list, you should be able to edit the Request list and add to it so you will be able to purchase it and it will ship straight to me!

♥ sending e-gift cards:

I’m happy to receive e-gift cards from anywhere and everywhere! Here are a few of my favorites:
Ikea     Delta Airlines     Regal Entertainment     Wayfair     
Any e-gift cards you you would like to send to me, please use the following email address:
I don’t currently have a PO box but may consider it in the future.
*Anything in Bold Red is a link and will open a new window
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